Information Technology
The Metropolitan Group Company engaged in the Information Technology sector is Metropolitan Computers (Pvt) Limited (MCPL), providing a range of products from computers and peripherals, to networking equipment and networking solutions as well as specialized software solutions for the Banking Industry and several cloud based software solutions.

Metropolitan was one of the first companies to introduce Personal Computer Systems to Sri Lanka and handled the first computerization project of the largest state bank. It is ranked amongst the Top Five IT Companies in the country, having implemented some of the largest public sector IT projects in the country

The Information Technology Sector markets Acer desktops, servers, notebooks, LCD monitors, multimedia projectors, together with accessories and peripherals. In addition it offers Canon bubble jet printers, laser printers and scanners. The document management and workflow solutions system as well as the `digital filing system' which supplement the product range.

The MCPL is also an IBM business partner in Sri Lanka, which has installed many IBM servers in key business organizations. The sector dominates the large-scale solutions market and has been recognized as an `Outstanding Business Partner'.

The product portfolio also extends to High-speed `Shuttle Matrix' line printers capable of printing from 500 to 2400 lines per minute from the Brand Printronix. This product is marketed extensively to Financial Institutions and the Utilities sector for high volume printing as required for large bill runs. The product is the undisputed market leader in this segment with over 60% market share. Besides, the Company introduced and continues to market and support Novell networking software as well as the open source SUSE Linux. complement the product portfolio. Therefore this sector is perceived to offer the most comprehensive portfolio of IT products offered from a single source. Technical support is provided through certified engineers and a team of highly professional IT specialists.

Through our extensive branch network across the island and more than 3 decades of industry experience, the company caters to a range of solutions and requirements of individuals as well as corporate and public sector.