In the consumer electronics range, Metropolitan is the market leader in the photography and related products sector. Through Metropolitan PhotoHub Pvt Ltd, the company has been a catalyst in the development of Sri Lanka’s photography industry.

Representing the globally renowned photography brand Canon for the last three decades, PhotoHub has introduced the most advanced camera and lens technology to Sri Lanka. Specializing in the professional DSLR range, EOS lens range, cinematography equipment, Legria video range and the digital compact range, PhotoHub offers a variety of cameras, lenses and equipment to suit individual requirement.

The Company has also taken this sector to a new dimension by offering several print solutions. Photographers can now print on a range of media and a choice of printers, thus enhancing the quality of the picture taken with the added convenience of printing in-house.

The country’s photography industry is growing at a rapid pace with professional photography becoming popular among the youth and among other professionals who seek relaxing hobbies.

Photohub has a wide clientele across sectors from media houses, advertising agencies, publishing companies, professional photographers, photography associations, among others. In developing the sector, the Company actively supports every level of the industry. It supports several leading schools which have established Photographic Clubs to encourage their students to hone their photography skills. It conducts workshops, photo tours, events and trainings for amateurs and professionals each year.

Photography has also contributed to improving business productivity and the insurance, manufacture and trading sectors have greatly benefited from this technology. For quick decision making and reporting accurately are some of the main reasons, business managers tend to depend on this novel method of reporting information which is both simple and convenient. Media is another institution where Photography contributes tremendously.

Anther important segment where photography is significant is Commercial Photography as well the Event Photography mainly the Wedding Sector where Photography is part of the culture thus leading to this industry in providing livelihoods and improving quality of life.

Metropolitan PhotoHub is a trend setter and leader in every sphere of photography and PhotoHub has earned the respect and reputation of being the industry’s go to photography company for knowledge, experience, technology and support.